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Breakpoints in Xcode stop firing

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Apple's Xcode is a nice IDE and just like every program it has its occasional quirks. Here's a tip: when all of a sudden your breakpoints stop firing, without any apparent reason, try this: Instead of following Googles advice and deselecting the "Load symbols lazily" option in the Preferences screen, (which will solve the breakpoints not hitting, I have to admit) perform a cleanup of your target. (Build – Clean All Targets) This will remove all intermediate files created during the build process and will force Xcode to process every file the next time you build, basicly a full rebuild. Xcode processes only the changed files during subsequent builds, but apparently this incremental strategy fails once in a while, with the aforementioned effect.

In the end both methods solve the problem, but I like to leave the default settings on, instead of changing them to fix some glitch in the system.