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MIX essentials

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

A few weeks ago, the 24th of april to be exact, the Softelligent development team went to MIX essentials in Louvain-la-Neuve. The MIX essentials events are a slimmed down version of the American MIX 08 events and give an overview of what was handled on the American mainland. Luc Vandevelde was the main host and introduced the foreign and not so foreign speakers.


The event consisted of 2 tracks, one focused on development and the other on “men in suits” topics. We followed the development track which gave an introduction to Silverlight and MSN Live services and how to integrate them in your own applications.

The final keynote speaker was “Steve B” as he calls him self. The current CEO of Microsoft shared his view on IT in general and spent almost half of his time answering questions from the audience. Literally everyone was hanging on his lips, mister Ballmer is a very charismatic person. Although he didn’t perform his signature monkey dance, despite someone mentioning it during a question.


The event itself was ok, Silverlight looks pretty awesome, especially the Deep Zoom functionality. But nothing groundbraking was shown, seeing and hearing Steve B on the other hand was worth the trip anyway. I’ll probably never see someone who is richer for the rest of my life.